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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Recently I’ve been getting a ton of questions all asking the same thing, just with slightly different wording.

And in order to keep peoples Dashboards from being cluttered with the same information, time and time again. I have decided to make a FAQ section for you. Before asking a question, please try to read through this and if your question is not in here, then feel free to ask me and I’ll try to help you out the best I can.

Q: Are Tom Hiddleston and Kat Dennings dating?

A: No. Speculations point to a time when they could have been, but it was never completely confirmed with a yes or no. This was around summer 2010 when while at San Diego Comic Con the two were spotted holding hands, hugging and leaving the event together.


Q: Is Tom Hiddleston gay?

A: No. Tom is in fact straight. He confirmed it in a letter recieved back through fan mail.


Q: Does Tom Hiddleston smoke?

A: As far as any information I have, he doesn’t. He’s smoked for roles such as Oakley in Unrelated, but no one has found him smoking outside of film. (or if they have, it hasn’t been mentioned)


Q: Where can I download/watch _______?

A: There used to be links available, but due to the take down of Megaupload and various other filesharing sites being under investigation via the US government there are currently no links available to share. 


Q: Is Tom Hiddleston Married?

A: No. Tom is not married, the media published a mistake that spread like wildfire but was corrected by Tom himself.

Please keep an eye on this as I will probably be updating it as more questions are repeatedly asked or new information about a specific question comes up.

I will probably let you all know if there is a major update to this post.

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